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Green Dragon Pleco: Ultimate Care Guide 2020

Green Dragon Pleco: Introduction

Green Dragon Pleco, a freshwater fish, belonging to the armoured catfish family. There is a variety of plecos rear all around the world.

They are famous among aquarists because of its algae eating ability. It belongs to the family L. oricariidae and scientific name is Ancistrus. sp.

It is native to the freshwater bodies in South America and Panama. You can found them in the wild around Amazon river basin.

They are greenish while the body contains body plates with a ventral mouth sucker. You can see them eating algae at the bottom of the tanks.

They consist of extremely long flowing fins which is a characteristic feature to them.

Most of the green dragon pleco is used in aquarium trade commonly identify as bushy nose or bristlenose. Some say its originated from as the aquacultured US, but no one knows the real origin.

But often rear in the aquarium tanks as they add colour to the tank.

There is a nice story regard green dragon pleco; my brother is a fish enthusiast. He brought 6 plecos from an online shop when the time pass they lay eggs. Later part, I will discuss more on their breeding keep reading.

There within a pleco cave female have laid eggs, he has always seen one pleco inside that pleco cave, and he separates that egg-containing cave and put it into a breeder net within the same tank but cover with a net. It also locates slightly above the rearing tank.

green dragon pleco

After few days again he has seen that adult pleco within that cave, do you know how it comes? It jumps off to the breeding net. Do you know why? Keep reading I am discussing it in below parts.

When it comes to the behaviour of Green dragon pleco

They are peaceful with other fish mates. You can keep them in the community tank. They look pretty active and always likely to hide in the aquarium plants.

Some times they damage those live aquarium plants. It is better to keep with java ferns instead of Java moss.

When I visit aquariums which keeping plecos, I saw lots of tank with 1″ PVC or 2″ black PVC keep as caves. Even some tanks keep with clay pots.

I ask the store owner about keeping those caves? He told me that Green dragon pleco fish like to hide every time, and that is why they created those pleco caves.

Further, I get to know that we can keep even stone works within the tank as hiding places. So do not forget to keep those caves if you wish to have them.

summary: materials that can use as caves for hiding,

  • PVC pipes
  • clay pots
  • Stoneworks
  • aquarium plants

Creating green dragon pleco’s habitat: Water quality parameters

They are messy eaters and pollute the tank all the time. Therefore it is necessary to have a good filtration system. Otherwise water quality can reduce.

For the filtration process, you can use canister and sponge filters which are well suit. Other thing having proper water flow can give the conditions similar to native Amazon water flow which help in oxygenating the tank, making a healthier environment for your fish.

Have you ever heard about Nitrate cycle? Yes, you may be, every fish keeper should keep their fish tank cycled otherwise ammonia, nitrate spikes affect your fish health.

Therefore you need to change the filter every 7-8 days.

What should be the green dragon pleco water temperature?

They require a temperature of 70-82 degree Fahrenheit for optimal growth.

While a pH of 6.5-8.4 requires, ammonia and nitrite should be 0ppm. Nitrate levels should be less than 30 ppm. Green dragon tank size should be between 30-40 gallons is enough.

When you get more fish into the tank, it gets more pollute.

When it comes to breeding

It is not difficult to breed if you follow the correct way to breed them. When your fish fully healthy and well feed it will mate instantly to produce eggs, but they need to be mature.

Sexing of longfin green dragon pleco?

Yes, when we want to breed identifying male and female very important. Male contains bristles on its nose so you can clearly identify it.

During the breeding phase, female produces eggs inside the pleco caves and sometimes deposits the eggs in cervice which are orange in colour.

They produced about 200 eggs per session where young females produce about 40-85 eggs per session—the ability to produce eggs increases with age.

Females leave the eggs after laying after that male dragon pleco guard the orange colour eggs by continuously fanning it till hatch. Sometimes these eggs eat by the male; there is a possibility for that.

The best way is to separate eggs after laying and raise it separately until fry appears.

Note: if you leave eggs without a male and freely within breeder net; fungi will grow on it. So be aware of that!

Once fry born, they are also with orange colour. You may identify yellow colour york sac attach to the belly area of fry. It will help to survive for a couple of days without food.

green dragon pleco

Do not worry; it will disappear around 2-3 days. After a couple of days, you need to feed them properly.

You may see these babies are not strong enough even to hold on glasses of the tank wall. If your tank is an open one, there is a possibility of appearing mosquito larvae within the breeding net as a remedy you can add some guppies. They will eat these mosquito larvae.

As I told earlier, my brother adds some guppies to the breeding net. Most of the baby plecos die thereafter. Do you know why? My brother hasn’t quarantined it before adding; aware of that!

green dragon pleco

What is the green dragon pleco size?

They will grow up to about a maximum size of 4-5 inches.

Diet and feeding

To have healthy fish, properly feeding is essential. You can feed them with Blanch Zucchini, and experts say 2slices of zucchini enough for 50 gallons of a tank with fully grown 4 dragon plecos.

You also can feed canned green beans, pellet debris, wafer and so on.

Do plecos clean the tank?

You may have seen they always lie on rocks, driftwood that is they eating algae and grazing diatoms on it, thereby helps in cleaning the tank.

read more about plecos Wikipedia


Longfin pleco adds colour to the tank. If already it is in your tank you may have seen that. It is a peaceful fish, can rear with any tank mate. Easy to rear due to high social behaviour and cleaning the tank by eating algae.

You should try it today. If you want you can buy it from online stores through the internet.

Note: Quarantine your green dragon pleco before adding it to your tank! Happy fish keeping!.


How long does a pleco lives?

Freshwater long fin pleco has a longer lifespan of 10-15 years. It varies according to how you manage and feed them. Having a long lifespan is one of other reason to many fish keepers have it in their aquariums.

What is the rarest pleco?

There are a variety of plecos keep around the world. Do you know what the rarest pleco is? It s the Typhoon pleco. Its scientific name is Pseudacanthicus. sp. As aquarists say, it is a large carnivore fish which grow larger about 16 inches.

If you buy, it well worth your money, and it is very famous and rarest in this fish keeping hobby.

What temperature is good for plecos?

They are tolerant of slight changes of water because they are from tropical water bodies in South America and well adapted to the changes in temperature between 18-30 degree celsius.

The best temperature to keep them ranges from 24 -28 degree celsius. Do not let them in outside during the winter season because it can badly affect your fish health.

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