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Amazing Facts about Amano vs Ghost shrimp 2021

Most of the fish lovers get confused with Amano vs Ghost shrimp mainly due to the colour similarity. This article well explained what similarities, dissimilarities between each shrimp and beginners would be very helpful.

Amano vs ghost shrimp differences?

Yamato shrimp, Japanese shrimp or Amano shrimp are more commonly found in sea-bound rivers like the Yamato river and especially native to Japan.

It identified scientifically as Caridina multidentata. 

Ghost shrimp, also called Glass shrimp which also scientifically identified as Palaemonetes paludosus a freshwater shrimp found in southeastern USA water sources.

Scientific classification as follows,

Amano shrimp 

  • Kingdom – Animalia                                
  • phylum – Arthropoda                
  • Sub phylum – Crustacea                
  • Family – Atyidae         
  • Genus –Caridina     

Ghost shrimp   

  • Kingdom – Animalia                                
  • phylum – Arthropoda                
  • Sub phylum – Crustacea         
  • Family – Palaemonidae
  • Genus – Palaemonetes 

Can Amano shrimp live with ghost shrimp?

Yes, the answer to this question is yes, But we need to sure Amano are larger than (2inch) ghost shrimp because ghost shrimps live with smaller or larger groups of their own kind, very happy when there is enough space.

Once they are over, crowded become aggressive and attack the Amano since Amano shrimps live relatively peace with their own mates.

Therefore, it is better to provide with many live aquarium plants, giving more places to hide them and avoid the situation.

Summary :

  • To rear both shrimp together, Amano shrimp should be larger than the ghost.
  • Provide more hiding places to the ghost shrimp.

What can live with Ghost shrimp?

Some fish species like danios, peaceful loaches as zebrafish, small catfish, cherry barbs and tetra are the some of best species and

be sure to have tank mates that haven’t large mouth; otherwise, they will eat ghost shrimp.

In addition to the fish, other species like Cherry shrimp, Wampire shrimp, Bamboo shrimp are the other well suit tank mates that add beauty and colour to the tank as well.

Will ghost shrimp kill each other?

As mentioned above, my answer is yes, possible if other way round happened,

ghost shrimps are larger than Amano will definitely eat them. Ghost shrimp normally depend on Aquatic debris, including dead plant and animal matter at the bottom of the tank as bottom layer feeders.

Even tank overpopulated, they become aggressive and attack other tank mates.

The Size difference between Amano vs ghost shrimp?

amano shrimp

Amano shrimp grow up to about one to two inches, and it is good to buy smaller ones( half an inch) as they grow and mature quickly.

While ghost shrimp grew up to about a maximum of 2 inches and the best purchase size would be 1/2- 1 inch.

For ghost shrimp, it is needed to establish with 10 gallons of freshwater with lots of hiding places, while for Amano, it is advisable 10 gallons of water with six shrimp per tank.

And one Amano per two gallons according to the good rule of thumb to prevent getting overpopulated.

Other main difference between Amano vs Ghost shrimp is the water conditions,

Amano shrimp prefers freshwater with a relative pH of 6.5-7.5, and For breeding, they required brackish water, while ghosts need a pH of 7-8 freshwater or slightly alkaline water.

Amano also required water temperature to be 18-28 degree celsius for optimum growth and development.

Ghost shrimp water parameters are 72- 82 degree Fahrenheit for optimum growth.

When it comes to claws, Amano shrimp has much shorter claws than ghost shrimp, but it is strong enough to catch a pray.

When it comes to gender differentiation of Amano vs Ghost shrimp

Amano is with a transparent ray body and red-brown circular marks present between either side of the body with broken lines.

From the upper head to the lower tail, there is a white strip run along with it.

The Fastest way to separately identify those male and female is by looking at circular makings at their outer skeleton.

Females with longer dashes of markings while males with evenly spread single markings, also Amano females are somewhat larger than their respective male shrimp.

Also, as the female store’s eggs on her stomach, these are saddles or (egg nest) present in the female shrimp.

Whereas the Ghost shrimp has camouflaging pigments on their body and can change the body colour against the external environment. This behaviour very helps in hiding from other predators.

Their body is also transfluent as Amano.

They also process a pair of antenna likely one is shorter other one is longer, which helps in detecting chemical perception of food and toxins in the water.

How can you tell a male ghost shrimp from a female?

There is a very light green egg nest or saddle present in the female and absent in the male. The female shrimp also likely rounded their belly and male are tends to slant,

females also grow bigger than their counterpart male when they get mature.

Sometimes, it is very hard to identify male and female with absent body markings ( looks like a ghost invisible nature), which helps prevent predators.

When we compare the lifespan of Amano vs ghost shrimp:

Amano shrimp lifespan is around 2-3 years, somewhat longer. Ghost shrimp have relatively a one-year lifespan, and some times it can be 18 to24 months.

Amano shrimp are difficult to breed; sometimes, transportation stress also affects this.

If they survive a few weeks after adding to the tank, obviously, they will live long. Ghost shrimp are easy in breeding compare to the Amano, but they also can be affected by transportation stress.

Due to the cheapness and ease of breeding, they used as a feed to the other fish.

Is shrimp moulting a good sign?

The answer will be it is a common thing among shrimps. What happens there is an outer skeleton of ghost shrimp shed as they eat and grow with time, it is a normal thing for them, and they grow healthier after the moulting.

The shaded shell ingestion often supplies them with the required minerals for growth indeed. This moulting instantly occurs in every few months time period.

Another important factor to be considered is breeding and larval growth:

Where do shrimps lay eggs?

Than other fish female shrimp are keeping their lay eggs within their egg nest till fertilization take place. These kinds of shrimps are known as berried shrimp, beneath the body carrying eggs and giving the live birth after the hatching.

The swimmerets below the stomach were the actual place where thousands of eggs lay, so we can see lay eggs in the belly area of the female.

How quickly do shrimp reproduce

Once Amano shrimp grows and reaches maturity, it takes around 3-5 months normally, and they can mate and reproduce as they have a lifespan of 3 years.

When it comes to the Ghost shrimp female, produce light green colour 20-35 bunches of eggs once a week at least.

Let us look at the Amano shrimp breeding.

ghost shrimp

Breeding Amano shrimp should be done carefully and patiently.

There you have to buy male and female shrimps to your tank in even ratio is mostly prefered. When the required conditions supplied, they naturally mate and fertilize the eggs.

Therefore you can identify swollen near to the dorsal fin where eggs are apparent.

Once female release pheromones to the water to attract Amano male shrimp, will come and mount to mate with the female in heat.

When eggs get fertilized, females lay an average of 2000 eggs into the egg nest or to the pleopods in the belly area.

It takes care and carries eggs for six months; at the six-month timeline, eggs are ready to hatch. But naturally, fry reared in rivers close to the sea-bound as they required salt or brackish water to grow and mature.

Once these larvae fully matured return to the fresh water and live the rest of their life there.

When we breed them in a tank, we need to consider the salinity level of water. Better to use a separate tank for rearing and breeding.

Parameters to be considered in the breeding tank,

  • Salinity – 18 ppt to 34 ppt
  • time period– around 45 days

Note: Female shrimp should remove from the breeder tank a few days before hatch to avoid eating the fry.

Care and feeding the Larvae

After the hatching fry comes out, first, with minute quantities, feed the fry with a low concentration of brewer’s yeast. Thereafter, it needs to feed 3-7 times a day at regular intervals of time fish fry food at 20-110 microns.

Note: Do not overfeed the fry!

You may use a light source direct towards the centre of the tank. Fry will swim toward the light.

The Excess light will promote the growth of diatoms and other Phytoplanktons, a natural food source for the fry. After a 3-4 month period, these fries fully matured and should be introduced to the rearing tank.

when it comes to Ghost shrimp breeding:

Most of the people/fish keepers get confused ghost shrimp with Amano by not knowing whether ghost need brackish water or not.

Answer quite simple ghost shrimp do not require brackish water during the entire life cycle.

Once the 20-30 bunches of eggs visible near the female’s tail, ready for fertilization like Amano breeding, release pheromones and eggs are fertilized by the male.

Note: without any special effort, you can breed the ghost shrimp easily within the aquaria.

But there is a chance of eating younger fry by adults. To avoid this separate breeder tank can be used along with the female and can increase the live aquarium plants like java moss and wooden branches within the tank, providing more hiding places to the smaller fry.

Female will produce 8-80 eggs per session which took 1-2 week to hatch. It is better to remove the female from the breeder tank after hatching for the little fry’s safety.

After they should be properly fed with spirulina powder to prevent from starving and die after 10-15 days, fry starts swimming and moulting, which they act like adults no need for future care.

How long do ghost shrimp carry their eggs?

Answer quite simple. They carry about 20-30 eggs on pleopods for about 1 to 3 weeks.

What do ghost shrimp eggs look like?

There can see masses of eggs that look like light green colour dots near the tail in the belly area called egg nest.

Can red cherry shrimp breed with ghost shrimp:

The answer will be yes, but there are conditions. One is, as you know, ghost shrimp seems to be aggressive, and they will attack the cherry shrimp.

Sometimes it is possible to see cherry shrimp eaten by the ghost. There should be a good size tank and a smaller ghost population to rear both shrimp compared to the cherry. It also better to be ghost are smaller than cherry shrimp.

From my experience, I reared in that way and have got positive results.

read more about What are differences between male vs female Cherry shrimp

Are ghost shrimp bigger than cherry shrimp?

The answer will be yes. Cherry shrimp are smaller in size. We can rear more of them in the same tank or volume unless ghost shrimp are bigger as twice that of cherry shrimp.

There only half of the cherry shrimp can be rear with the ghost in the same tank.

Another major difference is the diet between the two shrimps:

Both shrimp depend less or more on the same kind of diet; both are omnivores. In Amano, shrimp have much favour towards the algae growing within the tank.

That is why called algae shrimp also consume decayed and accumulated plant debris at the bottom of the tank.

It is advisable to rear a small amount of shrimp with excess algae growth in a home aquarium if adequate algae not available, have to supply with food supplements.

These include blanched zucchini, fish pellets, squash, cucumber etc.

It is highly advisable not to rarer Amano in a tank with full cleanness. It caused to absent of naturally available food for them. Therefore they also efficient tank cleaners.

Note: Be aware when adding food supplements and avoid copper-containing foods; otherwise, it will be toxic to them.

When it comes to the ghost, they are very good scavengers which also called bottom feeders. As they mostly found on the bottom, taking aquatic debris as their food also include algae and dead fish mates.

It is necessary to provide food supplements rich in high calcium level as they shed their exoskeleton by moulting so require more calcium for its growth and development.

Do ghost shrimp clean tanks?

Absolutely yes, They are decent scavengers most of the time they spend at the bottom engaging the cleaning tank. I think you got the exact answer.

Let us look into some important facts about ghost shrimp vs Amano shrimp:

How do you keep ghost shrimp alive?

You can rear and keep them safely by adding black gravel to the bottom of the tank as bedding with a live aquarium provides more hiding places and more food available.

Also, maintain the tank without overcrowding as they aggressive and most important factor to be considered is the conditions of the water as,

  • Nitrites = 0
  • Ammonia = 0
  • Water hardness = 3-5 dKH

Also, always maintain the cleanness within the tank. Use a sponge filter for smaller tanks. You can use an external filter if it is a larger size tank.

Can ghost shrimp live in cold water?

Yes, they can live in cold water at temperatures around 45-degree Fahrenheit, But the optimum temperature for them is 72 – 82 degree Fahrenheit. Most of the ghost found wild live in cold water streams and they also rarer in Tropical aquariums too.

How long can ghost shrimp live in a bag?

Approximately 48-72 hours.

It also depends on whether the bag having sufficient oxygen to air ratio and the quality of the container bag. For the store purchases, it can be one hour, so it depends.

Do ghost shrimp need a heater?

No, you do not need a heater at all; anyway, if you can maintain the required temperature, it is unnecessary to use a heater. If you are using can use it the day before ghost shrimp add and have 72-82 F.

Can ghost shrimp live without a filter?

Having a filter is a good sign of a healthy aquarium, And water flow inside the tank is critical in order to adjust the right balance for aquatic plants and shrimps.

If there isn’t enough water flow, shrimp come to the top of the tank to get oxygen. Therefore it is better to have a sponge filter or an external filter according to the tank you use.

Can I keep ghost shrimp in a bowl?

Yes, you can, but you need to be very careful in the following areas.

Maintain the water quality at the required level and supply with more aquatic plants like hornwort, ancharis, and java moss will be a good option in fulfilling adequate oxygen levels as all the above plants float on water.

Also, be sure not to overcrowd the bowl. You may use 4 ghost shrimp per one gallon of water and make a daily or weekly routine to look after them.

Why do ghost shrimp turn white?

There may be many reasons some of them are not maintaining proper water quality parameters as ammonia or pH change can cause this. Some times bacterial infections may also lead to this situation. The best thing that you can practice, proper water parameters and hygiene.

Will ghost shrimp climb out of the tank?

No, they are not interested in climbing up shoot out because we all know them as bottom feeders, and they mostly prefer that.

Once they come up, quickly swim back to the bottom. And it is necessary to maintain the correct water level within the tank. They will live happily.

Amano shrimp sold as ghost shrimp?

We all know that Amano well known for its algae-eating, and most of them sold to be as pets since they give many services in cleaning the tank, Whereas Ghost shrimp most of the time sold as feeders to the other fish.

What kills Amano shrimp?

Mostly changing water parameters like low nitrites, ammonia mainly lead to killing Amano fast. But other factors such as the hardness of water also affected.

Amano dies even when kept in the hard water. We think that you may get the point.

Why are my Amano shrimp hiding?

You do not have to worry at all because these Amano are excellent in hiding, and they will be all fine.

Since it is their natural behaviour, as many aquarium plants available, they live along with them as their food associated with algae. And they are enjoying it.

Why are my Amano shrimp dying?

Their lifespan is about 2-3 years. But there may be several causes affect as transportation stress from the purchasing place. And the other thing is water quality. If all these conditions okay, they will live a longer life.

Suddenly snails and other shrimp mates may be ingesting this dead shrimp in order to full fill their mineral requirement. So it is better to remove the dead body of shrimp as soon as possible to avoid changing the ammonia level in the water.

The final conclusion as follows:

Once read out this article, we may think that this article may be very helpful for the beginner fish keepers as all the necessary facts are mentioned there. We advise you to choose the correct shrimp that well suit for rarer as my choice will be Amano.

As they are with a much longer lifespan is the one reason for that, whereas ghost shrimp has an average of a short lifespan. And another thing you may get to know about common aquarium practices as we discussed.

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