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Welcome to myfishaquaria Blog,

        Hi, there my name is Greg Hardy. I am an entrepreneur university undergraduate who loves fishkeeping more than anything. I am also currently studying subjects related to the veterinary and ornamental fish breeding. I am a fish enthusiasts and want to share my experience with you all. I have been keeping fish since my childhood, at the age of 10, my parents bought me my first tank. Therefore I have experience for more than ten years. When it comes to my secondary education, I put much attention towards the fish keeping and breeding. As a result, I was select to the fish related degree. I also currently president of Animal science society of my university.


Why This Blog?

When I was a child, I do not know even how to care and handle certain fish. So I decided to share my more than ten-year knowledge and experience with you all. And I want to support and motivate beginner fish keepers as well. Some times aquarists need advice from time to time. This website will give all the information needed.

It is my kind pleasure to create an educational website truly dedicated to the fish keeping, and someone can one day benefit from that.!

Happy fish keeping..!